Company Overview

Our mission is to advance a vibrant and diverse work community where individuals and groups thrive and contribute to excellence. We support the realization of customer-specific requirements as they relate to the trainings, coaching, design of organizations, business processes and IT-architectures of international operating corporations. Our credo is to deliver the highest possible consulting quality to our customer engagements. In order to meet our own high quality standards enduringly. Takmeel only brings highly experienced trainers, coaches, consultants to the table, who have numerous years of management experience in large corporations and concerns.

Takmeel Kahani

Takmeel Kahani – Takmeel brings a valuable learning from the market Leaders & unsung heroes those who are compassionate enough to want to make a difference in life, and bold enough to actually go out there and do it, especially, when the going gets tough!

Takmeel Kahani - Write Your Story

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Takmeel Kahani - Write Your Story